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What we do

Simple Services for Peace of Mind

We provide dedicated services for senior citizens around the world. No complicated apps, online communities, we serve our community one-on-one based on their individual needs.

TEXTCARE: We care and that’s why we are offering all our FREE members TextCare, an SMS helpline when you are in crisis or need to speak to someone. It only takes one person to care in difficult situations.

MEMBERCARE: Join our community to enjoy our caring network of healthcare and healing programs.

AFTERCARE: Many services you use in life are disconnected and if anything happens to you, your family may not know what to do. There’s where we can help. Leave instructions for your will, letters for your family, or design a blockchain website for your memorial.

We believe in a web where you can trust data itself without needing to trust who is holding it. To make this future a reality, we have built a gateway for everyone to have their own online identity whether it’s while they are living, to record family trees, or as loving memorials.

For loved ones

Benefits of Blockchain Website Memorials

No renewals forever

You own your blockchain domain, identity and all content

Can be used for recording family trees, or to memorialize loved ones

One-time design and development fee

The world's first blockchain obituary listings free to view on a private web 3.0 gateway

We can set up any blockchain wallet and guide you or manage it all

Pay by credit card, no gas fees or hidden charges

We do not encourage buying or holding any cryptocurrency

One-time all inclusive packages start from USD60 onwards

Continue to live your amazing life

How To Start

Join our community for free to start. Paid subscriptions will get access to our comprehensive one-on-one assistance for healthcare and alternative healing programs.

We operate a 24/7 crisis and suicide helpline on WhatsApp and Telegram for FREE for all senior members, teens and families in need.

Join Our Free Community

Register online or SMS to +1 213 338 7588 (in USA) or +65 9813 9312 (in Asia)

Ask Any Question

Use TextCare helpline to ask simple questions, get reminders and seek motivation for life’s challenges

Explore Blockchain Legacies

Speak with our team who will build, design and write content for your legacy or memorial website 

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