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MemberCare and AfterCare Services

Meet our specialty teams who take care of senior citizens all over the world

Welcome To RestnCare

How to Overcome Life's Obstacles

Mental health and the overall wellbeing of our members is our number one priority. We have established a range of customized services to meet your needs as you age, enjoy your golden years and as well as settle what needs to be done when the time comes.

No more worries on which family member has to take care of your personal matters.

What We Offer

TextCare HelpLine

Our team stays in touch with you via SMS to help with reminders, local directories or to send you motivation

MemberCare Network

Want to get better recommendations for healthcare in your area, or looking for alternative therapies? We got you covered

AfterCare Memorials

Design your eternal memorial on a blockchain website for your family and friends to remember you always

Welcome to the RestnCare Community

What We Do

What Type of Help are You Looking for Right Now?

We have three main categories of unique services – TextCare, MemberCare and AfterCare. Our FREE SMS helpline, known as CareText, is a complimentary service that we provide to all senior citizens anywhere in the world. Join our community today and start using our free TextCare service to ask simple questions, find local directories and healthcare services, counselling or therapy programs. MemberCare and AfterCare cover paid essential services and custom plans.

Personal Counselling​ & Legacy Planning

You are not alone, let us help you plan the legacy you’re going to leave behind – from instructions for your last will, prepare letters for your family, to your memorial on a blockchain website

Stress & Depression

No matter what you are going through, you can talk to us about your mental health and we’ll walk this journey with you together

Relationship Issues

Talk to our frontline staff about what you’re facing and we’ll try to resolve with compassionate and practical suggestions

Family Psychology

We have a network of psychologists, natural healers, doctors and healthcare professionals that we can recommend for your local areas

Extraordinary Services

Why Choose RestnCare?

No more complicated healthcare networks, hotlines or websites to understand. We make your life simple and go straight to what you really need.

12 years of experience

Our experienced management and operations team have come together to bring you more caring solutions.

Start with a Free consultation

We listen first, then come up with a caring plan for you.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Our services start for free, and paid services are refunded if you are not satisfied with the overall results.