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About TextCare

We Care About Your Wellbeing

Sometimes it only takes one person to care in difficult times

This is our signature FREE helpline via SMS or WhatsApp when you need someone to talk to. To start, please join our community.

We offer counselling, mental health advice, healthy tips and assistance with research on any local healthcare and treatments you need, wherever you are.

A friend when you need one the most. 

We will never ask for any personal information via text message.

SMS TO RESTNCARE IN USA: +1 213 338 7588

Personalised Care That You Can Depend on.

Join Our Community

Enjoy our FREE services by registering your profile and contact information. We store your encrypted personal data securely to provide you with the best healthcare counselling advice.


These are essential services for our directory and alternative therapy programs where we provide suggestions to you via our global healthcare and wellness network community. We personalize e-invitations and plan your wellness program and retreats for you all year round, send you SMS reminders and motivate your fitness goals.  


Tying up loose ends can be easier to manage outside of your inner circle and family when you want privacy and more time to think. We take away the emotional drain of any administration, and advise you on basic information for you to put your affairs in order. 

Trust Us

We Keep Improving

After decades of experience, we continue to expand our specialty teams to manage your growing needs

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